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We Preform the best Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix Arizona.   When it
comes to cleaning carpet in Phoenix AZ we are the go to company.  We are
one of 1% of carpet cleaning companies in Phoenix that Offer the upgrade
to the Rotovac 360 Restoration method. Carpets being cleaned in Phoenix
have that extra dirt. This heavy soiling requires extra attention
Restoration upgrade when calling. Rotovac 360 leaves zero residue.

All estimates given over the phone will be for steam cleaning as this
is our most popular Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix.
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Shaggy's No Residue Carpet Cleaning leaves No Residue on your
carpet.  When not properly removing and neutralizing residues the
carpets will be stiff and crunchy.  The residue also attracts dirt like a
magnet. In just weeks your carpets will start to look dirty again.  
No Residue means:
  • Softer Carpets
  • Healthier Home
  • Carpets stay cleaner longer
Healthier smarter clean